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Tree of Life

Tree Of Life Tours
“"Renewing the body, mind, and spirit”
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The Tree of Life Tours have been Costa Rica's best kept secret over the past seven years.
We are more than another tour company with sightseeing tours. We are a non-profit organization,
offering individual spiritual renewal through tour adventures and experiences. Tours designed not
only for the eyes, but for the mind, the body, and the soul.


The Tree of Life is situated in 200 acres of pristine cloud/rain forest with pasture lands, mountain
ranges and river valleys. With 2 mountain ranges, 12 waterfalls, 4 swimming holes, over 15 miles
of hiking and horseback riding trails and accommodation in a fully equipped cave behind a 90 foot

We have half-day to full 3-day (or longer) tour packages, all fully inclusive with accommodation,
meals, equipment and any necessary training for rappelling or horseback riding. These tours are
suitable for young and old alike. We offer adventure tours, eco tours, nature tours, family
and group tours.



or call 011 506 2787-8133 (8134)