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School of Life Wisdom

Evolving the spiral through awakening consciousness

Through an omni-dimensional awareness in the universal school of life and our symbiosis with nature, time and spirit, we step into the evolving spiral of awakening consciousness. By relearning to live together, and thus coming into unity, we recognize we are all teacher/students on this path and at all times we must be ready to embrace life's lessons of giving & receiving and loving & being loved as we collectively polish the facets of our crystalline unified being.

With selfless service we offer exploration and guidance through our collective masteries in yoga, nutrition, internal cleansing, mind science, light energy technologies, prayerformance arts and permaculture.

By entering the school of life, we are choosing to consciously evolve, and thus to accelerate the evolution of the human species.



Are you ready?
Take the Universal School of Life pledge:

"I choose to transform in this physical body, to move from dis-ease to wholeness, from ignorance to wisdom, to allow my ego to die a thousand deaths and reawaken with ease and grace, to open my heart, to activate my inner eye, to express my inner voice, to realize my true identity, and become a being of pure light among my sacred family and live in perfect harmony, practicing loving kindness on earth and beyond."

Through our collective mastery, we have created several paths for people to enroll in this evolving School of Life: our Evolutionary Retreats, and our "Jungle Jedi" Participation Program.